Hello! I am part of the FollowMe Project! I travel from school to school and work with classes on geography! When I come to your school you will receive:

1. Me (GeoFrog)
2. compass (around my neck)
3. a logbook
4. an instruction booklet
5. a lesson guide

Here are some things that you will be doing with me:

1. You will be exploring Google Maps and will be marking your school's location on my map.
2. Calculating the distance that I have traveled.
3. Sharing things about your geographic location and placing them on my wikispace.

In the instruction booklet, you will find the account information required to place information about your location. Each school will have it's own page on the wiki. I also have a flickr photo sharing page that you can add images to... you might want to take me to different locations in your area and snap some pictures! Just make sure kiddos have digital permissions ahead of time. If you are unsure about how to add to a wiki, check the instruction booklet.

If you and your teacher are really looking for adventure you could do these things:

1. Explore Google Earth and create a tour of interesting sites around you.
2. Learn about latitude and longitude coordinates and GPS.
3. Take me geocaching!

To send me home, please use this address:

Lori Sheldon
Wayne Highlands School District
474 Grove St.
Honesdale, PA 18431